A business foundation that lasts. And lasts. And lasts.

Your business has been validated and you’re ready to roll. It’s now time to set up operations and establish the processes that’ll keep the wheels turning for a long time.

Talking Totem ensures your business has the foundation for long-term, sustainable success. We offer support in go-to-market services, business process, and operating model design, demand generation and organization design and alignment. Talking Totem helps plan and execute the tactical aspects of business building through our full suite of services.

  • Go-to-Market

Don’t take off until you know where you will land.

You may have defined your market, but that’s just Step 1.a. Have you considered its size? The growth rate? Will competitors have saturated your market by the time you launch?

Having a brilliant business idea and setting up a successful business are two very different things. It takes discipline, follow-through, innovation, and systematic implementation to help your concept journey toward business success.

Our extensive industry experience helps you avoid potential minefields while taking your product into the market both profitably and efficiently.

  • Business and Operating Model Design

Is it time to put pen to paper and create a business roadmap?

Your customers want to know how your organization creates and delivers value. We work with organizations and entrepreneurs to build and execute business models that generate revenue faster.

  • Business Model Design
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cost & Complexity Reduction
  • Organizational Blueprint

  • Organization Design & Alignment

The right idea, with the right people, in the right way.

Is your business being limited by tribal knowledge or waiting for CXO approvals?
Or could you could be running your business more efficiently? Either way, it’s probably time to transform from a small business to a tightly managed organization. We’ll help you create the right organizational value chain that connects your company’s purpose to its strategy and its capability.

  • Operating Model Design
  • Shared Services Implementation
  • Business Process Optimization

  • Marketing & Demand Generation

Go from level best to leveling up

Struggling to generate awareness and interest in your product or service? Weak pipelines can have a cascading effect on your business performance. Talking Totem builds strategies that drive awareness while establishing processes to consistently create a strong pipeline for your team, using a blend of grounded research, analysis, and tactical execution.

The result? Increased traffic, qualified leads, and higher marketing ROI.

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Digital Strategies
  • Content Marketing

  • Business Process Design

To grow, you need to produce and deliver. Again. And again. And again.

Your business success relies on how quickly and efficiently you put together a solid business process. At scale, within budget, and on time. Repeatably. And we can get you there.

We identify the “why” of your organization to digitally improve customer experience, reduce friction, and increase productivity and profitability. Our expertise in working with hundreds of brands across industries makes us an ideal partner to create a roadmap to fast business expansion.


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