Go big or go home

Has your business peaked, or is it just beginning to experience growth pains? Or perhaps your core marketing messages are no longer up to the job?

With business expansion comes the need to generate more revenue, keep customers happy, optimize operating costs, and extend your brand image.

Even if you’re coasting, the competition is not.

If your business is constrained by built-in inefficiencies, we can lead you to the next level.

Talking Totem specializes in setting up and scaling teams for different areas of your business. We get to the root of your issue, and work with you to build a cohesive offshore team, giving you the advantage of cost arbitrage.

If your business is facing challenges that are impacting growth

  • Growth & Customer Demand

Capitalize on exponential growth

Business growth could have a negative effect on your demand generation pipeline, which in turn can impact business performance. How do you continue to sustain interest and awareness?

We evaluate your current market strategy through grounded research, analysis, and tactical execution. Based on our results we re-align your demand strategy to drive awareness while ensuring your processes are stable to continue to create a pipeline for your team.

  • Process Optimization & Reengineering

Turn growth pains into potential

Your business is doing well, and you have more customers. But have you noticed your team spending far less time on the things that are most important?

Organizations often stall due to a lack of the right processes and technology. With business process re-engineering you can redesign your business processes from the inside out to impact critical functions across your business. Talking Totem engages with your team to analyze your current state of processes and look for scalable opportunities. Our business process reengineering services can minimize costs and remove process redundancies impacting quality, results, and service speed.

  • Process Automation & Digital Transformation

Keep pace with consumer expectations

With incremental efficiency comes acceleration in your operational capacity, making it easier to scale as you grow. But if your business is still relying on manual processes, then you run the risk of spending more and getting less. Process Automation improves operations by automating manual tasks and minimizing errors. We work towards upgrading underlying technology and improving the way you interact with customers, in order to achieve significantly better experiences.

  • Process Improvement & Compliance
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Process Standardization
  • Customer Experience

  • Cost & Revenue Efficiencies

Are you losing money in unexpected places?

As your business grows, ensuring profitability can get much more complex. We enable organizations to identify the right revenue efficiency ratio to build a scalable business. Our experienced team can work from within your business to intelligently optimize your expenses while increasing your earnings and revenue.

  • Cost & Revenue Analysis
  • Finance Process Optimization
  • Operations Audit
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

  • Business Support Services

Streamline your back-end processes

Talking Totem offers business support through an expert team of workflow specialists, process consultants, trainers, and project managers. Our quality control measures ensure you get the best results.


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