What We Do

Turning aspirations into working realities


Apply novel, practical innovation driven by discipline & strategic insight


Build processes and systems that stay relevant


Thrive at the intersection of business opportunity & customer demand

Who We Are


Over the past decade, we have been enabling global start-ups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs to successfully set up, manage, and grow their business footprint profitably and efficiently.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“The best operations coach I have ever worked with! Thanks, Su!”

Tyler Wagley

LegitCamping, USA

“Supraja is a remarkably creative person who lends great insight into any project. She is able to plan strategically at a high-level while having an eye for the myriad details associated with the execution of the plan. I would happily look to her expertise again in the future.”

Kirko Papajanis

BoxPilot, Canada

“Su has a rare ability to analyze a business model, identify the pain points and develop solutions to solve problems. We worked closely developing workflows and improving operation processes in my business. I highly recommend.”

Taylor Vaughn

Delta Property Tax Advisors, USA

“Highly efficient, very reliable, and will bring all of their experience and knowledge into the table. Highly recommend.”

David Bitton

Easy Home, USA

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Talking Totem, as always. We were looking to hire new team members and they been a great help in identifying exactly who we needed. They obviously have very good experience in building teams and I would recommend them to any company that is looking to grow!”

Olivier Moens

Automobio, Belgium

“Talking Totem was instrumental in helping us establish the core infrastructure of our administrative and management platform. Highly recommended!”

Francesco Matteini

InnReg, USA

“Talking Totem has always over delivered and this project was no exception. They have become a true partner offering strategic advice and services that have shaped our business strategy. We will continue taking advantage of the unique insights, strategic and operational advice from Talking Totem.”

Onyx A

A’as Inc, USA

“TalkingTotem has been fantastic to work with!! Ever since they started supporting critical aspects of my business, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my revenue. They are sharp, analytical, know how to turn around results and do it with thorough professionalism, dedication and intelligence. From being a start up struggling to run smoothly to expanding, they’ve managed to take my company in the right direction in leaps and bounds.”

Egor Sosin

Innovate Media, USA

“Supraja is very knowledgeable and helpful in supporting the development of a QA Manual for our small business in preparation for an ISO9001 audit. She gave her time, good advice, and additional review and contacts for other related services. I recommend Supraja and look forward to working with her again on future quality requirements.”

Brandan H

Focus Design, Australia

“Before we hired Talking Totem to manage our business, we were completing less than one content project per week. They hit the ground running, and we were soon completing 3 projects every week, with ever-improving content quality. Sales have jumped over 65%. This is attributable to their knack for building an effective team from the ground up while skillfully steering each team member in the right direction with their weekly (and in some cases daily) skype check-ins and successful implementation and utilization of project management systems and software.”


Expert Book Reviews, Macau

“Can’t wait to start another project with Talking Totem. Excellent service! Brilliant Service Provider!”

Kemi Jeje

SignWriters, Nigeria

“Supraja has been excellent; she is accomplished, intelligent, picks up what she needs quickly. Her work was impeccable and done in amazingly quick time, so she has been exceptional value for money as well. Highly recommended”

Rod Reed

Alexander House Financial Services, United Kingdom